Correctly predict the final score exactly (choosing the correct winning team) and which player will score the first touchdown.

No exact duplicate entries will be allowed, only one entry per person. Given there are two elements to an entry, you may select the same scores as a prior entry but not with the same player or you may select the same player as a prior entry but not with the same scores. The first posting of an entry is valid. To be eligible for the prize you must have been a member of PFA or Skatz prior to 01/01/2024.

If you get both correct: $375 winner take all.

If no one correctly guesses both, one $150 prize will be awarded to whoever predicts the final score (choosing the correct winning team). If more than one person guesses the score correctly, the tiebreaker will be whoever selected the player that scored a touchdown first. If there is still a tie (meaning no one selected a player that scored), the prize will be split among all who correctly predicted the winning score (with the correct winning team) exactly.

If no one correctly predicts the final score with the correct winning team, there is no action. If my entry wins, there is no action.

All prizes will be awarded only through either Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you do not have a way to accept the prize, please do not enter. A valid wallet address for the prize must be given within 30 days or the prize will be forfeited and donated to a reputable animal shelter.

Nunbeater is not eligible for any prize.

DJ Chaps for his grand Judasing of Skatz is not eligible for either prize. If he somehow wins the contest he will be eligible for a 50 Canadian dollar Amazon gift card code for winning the overall contest and a 25 Canadian dollar Amazon gift card code if he wins the lesser contest.

My entry:

49ers 27 - Chiefs 24 - first player to score Christian McCaffrey