I saw in another thread someone asking where Chinamaniac was. I saw this a while video ago, meant to post it but forgot. He is a sports bettor full time and gave up all poker. He talks about his poker career and transition into sports betting, which looks to have been a success. The host asked some tough questions about his methodology on picking prop bets, he seemed skeptical, but China pushed back, good back and forth. There is one particularly awkward exchange about halfway through where China said the host was reading too much into it, or something like that.

I am sure China has his prop bets line up today. Good watch and the comments on his appearance were mixed. I asked Druff if ok to post as I have not seen Chinamaniac post here forever and not sure if there was a falling out or something (there wasn't). He just gave up poker 100%, I remember him making that post several years ago.

Video from late 2023: