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Thread: Druff & Drexel Show - 10/2/2012 - Latrina Jackson

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    Druff & Drexel Show - 10/2/2012 - Latrina Jackson

    We introduce new recurring guest Dave Lerman, a former Hollywood insider who tells an especially seedy story about a sexual encounter with LaToya Jackson. Jasep of is our special guest third host for this episode. We talk about Cyndy Violette's odd plea for as little as $20 to help open her new Las Vegas vegan restaurant. We discuss Brandon Cantu's complaint that he was "robbed" of a bracelet at the WSOP Europe. We touch on Gus Hansen's appointment as the new "Face of Full Tilt" for its November relaunch. We try to determine what is really wrong with Matt Marafioti, who this week tweeted he wished he had cancer. We discuss the potential fine of $25,000 per poached player regarding Black Chip Poker and other Merge skins. DiamondFlushPoker apparently is really angry with Howard Lederer, and we talk about what that means. Brandon and Druff discuss the six Rocky movies.

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