Hi everyone. Target (the store) recently updated their internal servers to where you can no longer search products with many old versions of their app!

Unfortunately, when you go to update, you will get a message that you need iOS 14.5 or higher, which many jailbreakers are not running.

You can fix this by doing the following:

1) Add the following Source to your Cydia: cokepokes.github.io

2) Search in Cydia for AppStore++, and install it

3) Open regular App Store, search for Target app

4) Long-press (hold down your finger on) the GET or UPGRADE button. Wait for a menu to pop up offering you to Upgrade/Downgrade. If this menu does not pop up after 10 seconds, try again. If it still doesnt, reboot your phone and try again.

5) When you get the menu, select Upgrade/Downgrade. After a few seconds it will bring up a long list of versions

6) Select 2022.26.0

That version should start downloading within a few seconds, and it will now work properly (as of this date). It will also work on phones with iOS older than 14.5!