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Thread: LA Unified School District has a budget of $7.8 billion and is still failing

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    LA Unified School District has a budget of $7.8 billion and is still failing

    I grew up in southern California, but was actually born on the east coast. My parents moved to the LA area when I was 1, back in 1973. I entered kindergarten in 1977.

    When I got a bit older, I asked my mom why they chose the particular area they did, rather than LA city. Her answer? "LA Unified School District is terrible."

    I learned this more directly when I was in high school in the mid-late '80s, as I made some friends with LA kids who were in that district. They told me of the rampant gang problem in their schools due to busing (even though there were no gangs living in their area), as well as a culture of awful teachers. These teachers were basically fire-proof between the teachers union and LAUSD's very lax policy of how they handled teacher misbehavior. The gang problem was so bad that teachers and administrators were overlooking all but the most egregious cases of bullying and violence.

    In short, 1980s LAUSD schools were a complete disaster area. They were dangerous. They were highly bureaucratic. The teachers were mostly checked out. The learning environment was terrible.

    I went to public school my entire academic life (even college), but my local district was small and not part of LAUSD. My schools were highly performing, mostly because of parents who stressed education for their kids. I did have some shitty teachers who were protected by the union, but it was nothing like the situation in LAUSD. Most importantly, there were no gang members or major delinquents in my schools. They were all suburban kids like me. The few problem kids were shipped off to the local "continuation school" to get their act together. My district and LAUSD were geographically very close, but there was a world of difference.

    LAUSD dates back to 1961, when the Los Angeles City School District and the Los Angeles City High School District merged.

    Since then, it has grown tremendously, due to the population explosion in LA between 1961 and the 2000s. All of the problems I heard about from my friends in the '80s are still there. The gang problem is a little bit better because there are fewer gangs today compared to 30-40 years ago, but everything else is either just as bad or even worse. It has lost a LOT of students in the past 20 years due to how terrible it is.

    This past week, LAUSD teachers went on strike, and schools actually had to shut down for 3 days:

    This is pretty bad to just lose 3 school days in the middle of the academic year, with little warning. Many parents were left scrambling regarding what to do about this, especially involving younger students who cannot stay home by themselves while the parents were at work.

    LAUSD has about 430,000 students. They've actually LOST about 300,000 students since 2002, due to the horrible conditions in the district, between people with kids leaving the district and others enrolling their kids in private schools. The district is a complete failure, yet there is no accountability because of the perpetually left-wing LA City Council.

    LAUSD is the second largest district in the country, and spends $7.8 billion, some of which is poorly allocated and wasted.

    It's time to break up this behemoth.

    It really is amazing how bad Democrats are at running big cities.

      devidee: Over 50% Hispanic nowadays?

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    is todge 78 years old?

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    California is a shithole

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    The state of Texas is taking over the Houston ISD, it’s going about as well as you would think.

    Apparently trying to improve failing schools is a racist power grab by Whitey.

    Quote: “ This takeover is another example of white, Republican-appointed officials attempting to gain control of Democratic cities with mostly Black and Brown populations and leaders. ”

    An article in todays paper said that a primary concern was that not enough would be taught in history class about slavery. No offense but I’d be more concerned that my kid couldn’t read in the first place but I doubt the takeover does anything.

    You can generally tell how good a school in the Houston area is by the percent of Asians enrolled. In the worst school in HISD the Asian enrollment is 0.4% best school in my kids area is 30%

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    as a nation, we are we have swam too far out and past the point of being able to return. so we just keep swimming until we reach where we are now, just treading. there are no lifeboats coming, we are the lifeboat to everyone else. this only ends one way.

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