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Thread: Must be nice to treat players like shit and crash your site 1-2X a week

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    Must be nice to treat players like shit and crash your site 1-2X a week

    ACR went down again tonight. I mean seriously the only reason Phil Nagy gets away with this shit is because of the bullshyt with the idiots in the US Federal Govt who shut down PokerStars and Full Tilt in 2011 and weíve suffered since. Obviously I have my own beef with ACR but it doesnít change the fact they really clearly donít give a shit evoking theories of them crashing the sit due to overlays among other things. I think itís just sheer incompetence. Phil either needs a new IT manager or more staff probably both. Itís just pathetic.

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    Debated between Bovada and ACR when I jumped back into the game and I got a sketch feeling about ACR before I even got the chance to deposit. Sounds like I made the right choice. What a pain in the ass

      sah_24: def made the right choice

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    Its been fine for me they announced scheduled maintenance at 6am. I have seen mtt players complaining on the 2 plus 2 forum. I am strictly a plo player. Had a really lol hand. aa flop is k10six. i hit ace on turn. useless six on river for villan he slow rolls me with quads, lol. Lots of people complaining about bovada lag and disconnects.I can't attest as I am in Ny and can no longer play on bovada. Acr also innovative with its safe play mode and run it twice. I have never used either. People get it in so good on flop yet choose to use play safe or run it 2x. I don't get it. Not a question of variance reduction.

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