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      splitthis: To tine it is
      Entropy: Did not watch, I can see a white person so yes it's a splendid example of white supremacy and systemic racism. Put a trigger warning next time, ty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Crowe Diddly View Post

    This happened with bodycams in an area of the country with by far the weakest union strength including police unions. Most police who get prosecuted for ANYTHING get off with qualified immunity, and the idea that a bad few spoil the whole bunch is nonsense when the good multitudes refuse, time and again, to police the bad few. They protest themselves first, always. The second is far behind.

    The idea that good officers get punished for anything, ever, is nonsense, since most of the time the bad officers aren't punished for anything at all.
    I would also be for some reform to qualified immunity.

    I'm not sure what you feel is the solution, though. The left seems to want to make it all about racism (even in this case where everyone involved is black), and to weaken police in general. That's the last thing we need as violent crime continues to rise.
    Maybe if our justice system wasn't so draconian people wouldn't be trying to run/fight the police as if their lives depend on it.

    The United States is number one, let that sink in. The funny thing is we present ourselves as a beacon of freedom when in fact the opposite is true.
    And lol @ the media for calling other countries brutal and or oppressive.

    The facts

    Top 10 Countries with the most people in prison
    United States — 2,068,800
    China — 1,690,000
    Brazil — 811,707
    India — 478,600
    Russia — 471,490
    Thailand — 309,282
    Turkey — 291,198
    Indonesia — 266,259
    Mexico — 220,866
    Iran — 189,000

    Top 10 Countries with the highest rate of incarceration
    United States — 629
    Rwanda — 580
    Turkmenistan — 576
    El Salvador — 564
    Cuba — 510
    Palau — 478
    British Virgin Islands (U.K. territory) — 477
    Thailand — 445
    Panama — 423
    Saint Kitts and Nevis — 423

    No we don't need to change any laws, police killing innocent people is so exceedingly rare, you've both fell under the MSM's false reality which is why the facts are what matters.

    If saving innocent lives is the goal.
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    So as we sit back and think about this rationally, we should be very thankful for the professionalism of the police as a whole.

    The real issue we need to focus on is why for decades has the MSM been coordinating with each other in order to make an extremely rare event seem like our most pressing issue.
    They are causing riots, causing racial tension and destabilizing the entire country by making this super rare event seem like our most serious issue.
    Remember what Yuri said.
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