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Thread: Entire room misreads hand and eliminates player from WSOPC Main Event

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    Entire room misreads hand and eliminates player from WSOPC Main Event

    This happened today I believe.
    WSOP took down the stream after the hand because chat was talking about it.

    Event held at Kings Casino

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    The entire room didn’t misread the hand. The dealer and the player who busted didn’t see the chop. Everyone else just kept their mouth shut. In cash game pots there are times where it’s sort of taboo if you point out that the hand should be a chop or even that the wrong person is being pushed the pot. But when the hand is tabled, than it deserves to be read correctly. When it’s mucked improperly is when things get dicey.

    In this spot just a terrible job by the players, WSOP & Kings. The feed is delayed but someone saw the hand in real time. The fact there wasn’t at least a timeout called after the hand where they could of fixed this is absolutely ridiculous. Final table of a streamed tournament. Cards were obviously tabled. The fact that no one spoke up is fucking gross, but unfortunately not surprising. Then the coverup. Awful.

    A story Tim Pool said on his livestream last night seems appropriate. He once saw an old lady get hurt and no one was doing shit about. People assume someone else is going to call 911. If you see something wrong you got to speak up. Can’t just sit back and wait for someone else to do it. One of these assholes should of said something.
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    Why the hell Kings Casino is still allowed to do business with WSOP is beyond me. Are we still forgetting that asshole Tsoukernik's welching on $3M in a debt he owed claiming he didn't owe it because he was drunk and tired?? BUllshit fuck you Leon. If a casino patron tried that shit at his casino in Czech Republic they wouldn't be treated as nicely as they do in Vegas and just the customer facing criminal charges I guarantee. WSOP continues to be stained by dealings with this assface. You can't tell me there isnt alternative options for somewhere to hold WSOPE and similar events. Leon shouldn't be given any business such as this until he apologizes and makes it totally right. Why the poker world idly stands by this shitstain is beyond me still. Especially after he (although admittedly funny to me as I hate Meta and FB) tried to sue Meta for $24M for defamation. Karmas going to shit down Leon's throat someday and it cant be soon enough for me.

    On the actual subject at hand clearly shows how incompetent those running the event were and also how downright ridiculous it's gotten in poker at times. You literally have to know the TD Manual by heart to protect your ass these days in tournaments because clearly there isn't an honest ass at that final table and probably a majority of players wouldve happily screwed over a fellow player to ladder up. I get it it's about the money but its scummy as fuck end of story.

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