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Thread: Biden wants to get rid of resort fees

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    Biden wants to get rid of resort fees

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    Resort fees are deceptive, crappy, and should be illegal. They first came to exist in order to screw travel agents (since there wasn't commission on them), but then they evolved to become more about deception of consumers in internet price search tools.

    However, consumers should be aware that the illegality of resort fees (and other junk fees) is unlikely to help them much, as hotels will simply raise their rates by that amount. The time to kill them was many years ago. Now that they are so common in certain markets, they're simply something to be expected at every property except the crap ones in those places (such as Las Vegas). Many people erroneously believe that hotels will just keep prices the same if the fees are removed. False!

    In addition, the fees can actually be an advantage to high tier card members (you get them removed automatically at Caesars and MGM properties, and you're unlikely to get the equivalent benefit if they're outlawed). They can also be an advantage to smart consumers -- you can ask for them to be removed if there was a problem with the stay.

    The better impact of this action would be the removal of junk fees in ticket sales and car purchases (not sure if the latter would be covered though). Ticket sale junk fees are just crap add-on fees by third party ticket agencies, and may not be passed to the consumer if removed.

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