This episode was split into two parts, and this portion is everything but the FTX scandal stuff, which was released as a separate episode. Topic begins at (0:15:44) mark: Republicans tremendously underperform in midterms, Druff gives his opinion on election and Republican Party.... (0:54:42): California sportsbetting propositions 26 and 27 fail miserably.... (1:13:40): Listener "garrett" (not Adelstein) calls in, and Druffs gives him some life advice.... (1:24:36): Alan Mendelson, the original founder of the forum which eventually became Druff's Vegas Casino Talk, passed away at age 70.... (1:48:39): Druff fat-fingers college football bet, accidentally wagers 5x what he intended -- what was the result?.... (2:09:21): Shaun Deeb led attempt for poker players to win record $2 billion Powerball, bringing their odds down to 1-in-6,493.... (2:30:03): Update: Sentencing of Jeffrey Morris who murderered of Susie Zhao.... (2:38:21): Update: Six eBay-employed stalkers of Massachusetts family sentenced in recent months.... (3:01:06): "Mattress Mack" wins $75 million on Astros 2022 World Series bet, setting a sportsbetting record, but is there more to the story?.... (3:15:51): Formula 1 Race will take place on Las Vegas strip on November 18, causing hotel rates to skyrocket.... (3:25:00): Massachusetts Gaming claims Encore Boston isn't hiring enough women.... (3:38:46): Second COVID infection usually more harsh than the first? New study says so.... tradershky and khalwat co-host.