Best colors should be next week but today was a gorgeous day so I went with it. I live within 100 ft of one of these images.

As far as the farm goes, they took a verbal agreement then backpedaled for more than I wanted to dig in for. I was sad but put it in the Lordís hands. He didnít grant what I wanted, but surely gave me what I needed. I am thankful for every day I live in this peaceful paradise. The hounds and I walk miles daily. The following pics are from those travels.

I took a chance on my new house, walked in, saw good bones, and gave an immediate cash offer which was immediately accepted. I am very lucky to not have a money pit house. It is very old but solid. The original hardwood floors are not piss stained as tine dummy suggests, just stained from age and spills. I have done many projects already in this home and more to come. Itís up 50% since I bought and will easily double or more in value by the time I finish.

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