It has been a year since iOS 15 was released for iPhone, and now iOS 16 has just been released.

But guess what, jailbreakers? You are still suck on iOS 14 (or worse) if you want a jailbroken phone! There is no known working iOS 15 jailbreak yet!

I found a pretty good rundown on the possible iOS 15 jailbreaks we might expect. Do not upgrade to iOS 16 unless you want to wait until possibly 2024 or later to jailbreak!

The Cheyote jailbreak would work on iOS 15-15.1.1.

The Fugu15 jailbreak would be an untethered jailbreak working on phones up to 15.4.1!

Unfortunately, neither of these are ready yet, and it may still be awhile. My favorite is still unc0ver, but they have not indicated they are working on an iOS 15 version. However, sometimes they just pop up out of nowhere, with a new version.

I will let you guys know when you can jailbreak iOS 15. I find the most useful features of jailbreaking are being able to spoof location, being able to block YouTube ads, and being able to download old versions of apps when a shit new version is released and you regret upgrading.