Topic begins at (0:02:39) mark: Colonel Nigel Fabersham gives a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.... (0:23:22): Ebony Kenney wins almost $2 million on Phil Nagy's stake at Triton tournament in Cyprus, but gets into controversy on Joey Ingram's show.... (2:48:33): A scammer sold one of Tony Hsieh's Las Vegas buildings without having any connection to the Zappos founder's estate.... (3:06:32): Poker dudes look like a lady? Vanessa Kade alleges ladies event on GGPoker was full of men.... (3:22:01): Mojave Desert and Las Vegas History: California City -- a planned large city which was actually 60-year scam.... (4:25:18): Blackjack dealer in Buffalo shows players her hole cards, allows easy winnings, gets arrested.... (4:32:25): Brazen thief belly-flops onto craps table to steal $19k worth of chips at El Cortez in Las Vegas.... (4:39:04): Vegas police choose not to charge thief of $1600 cashout ticket, after he claims his rent was due.... (4:51:16): Second Mafia-run New York gambling operation busted within past few weeks.... (5:02:12): Michigan bank accused of discrimination after it accuses 71-year-old black woman of depositing a fraudulent casino check which was actually real.