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Thread: campaign to get Druff on HCL

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerpiper View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    I have considered asking to come on, and it's possible they'd say yes, for various reasons:

    1) The Hanson Kid is a frequent commentator there, and he is a regular PFA listener.

    2) Patrick Curran, who works behind the scenes at HCL, also listens to PFA.

    3) I have always had a good relationship with Ryan Feldman, and he appeared on PFA Radio in 2021.

    4) While not a big name in poker or a hot chick with my tits out, I am not a nobody, either. There would probably be at least mild public interest in my appearance there, plus a lot of interest from fans of PFA.

    I would just need to figure out which episode to appear. I would not want to play anything above 10/20.
    I think you'd be great.
    I played on Stones, just a few months before Postle showed up there.

    I was about to ask to play on Hustler, and then this Robbi scandal happened.

    I think this is a sign I should stay away from streamed poker.

    I guess nothing bad happened on my two Live at the Bike appearances, other than Bart Hanson (who didn't know me at the time) being tricked by chatters into stating that I competed on "Man Versus Food".

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    I think you’re tight but a good personality. Not sexy though. I think your quirky angle and follows would be enough of a draw.

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