I hate having two Landon Tice threads here within days of one another, but here we are. Last week, Landon embarrassed himself by promoting -EV slots on his well-followed Twitter.

Now, Landon and European poker pro Patrick Leonard have an agreement in theory to do a $100k prop bet regarding Landon living at Bally's/Paris.


Some questions came up. Could Landon use the pool, or would that be off-limits?


Someone brought up the question of the cost of Bally's. Staying there 365 nights would possibly eat up more than half the $100k, and Landon is expected to pay for it!


Patrick is dreaming if he thinks Bally's is going to cut him Landon much of a deal for this. That's not really how casinos work. This may ultimately kill the bet.

If the bet does happen, the terms will be something like:

- Landon cannot leave Bally's/Paris for a full year
- He can access everything on property, but has to be on one foot (??) while on the balcony
- He can't swim in the pool, but can go to it
- Other than the balcony/pool restrictions, he can do whatever he wants while there
- Landon must pay for his own stay

This isn't quite the same, but Mark Newhouse lived at the Commerce Casino hotel in the late 2000s. He had some kind of special deal with them to allow this for fairly cheap. However, of course he wasn't under any restriction from leaving.

The longest I've spent indoors in my life without setting foot outside occurred at a Caesars property in 2015. I stayed at Harrah's Rincon (San Diego area) for 5 straight days, and never once set foot outside the building. I was grinding video poker so I could get to Seven Stars, and also did radio one night, but I did not exit the building at any point. This wasn't intentional. I admit that it felt good to be outside again when this was over.