So far the drama hasnt stopped with AZ. The signing of K1 finally after months of wondering and waiting including K1s scrubbing his IG account of Cardinals stuff. They lose a guy they signed as a FA to fill a huge hole as CB, as he was killed in a car wreck and Dhop gets suspended for 6 games for PEDs..

Now in the last 24+hrs or so.. Hollywood Brown decides to try and channel his inner Henry Ruggs doing 126mph yesterday morning along AZ HWY 101 heading to practice (he was just moved off the Non Football Injury list the day before so it was his first day of practice). Brown is a former college teammate of K1s and was signed primarily to fill that gap while DHop was out and give them a legit 1A/1b Tandem at WR when he was back (Its very possible now Brown could face a suspension under the PC policy because of what happened with Ruggs was so recent)

and if that wasnt enough. An Asst Coach is likely about to be fired and or banhammered by the NFL after James Saxson was hit with 2 Domestic Violence charges from something that happened in May.