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Thread: Attn Druff. How much more can the Dodgers endure with Kershaw’s back issues??

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    Who needs pitching when you can just keep calling up rookies and no name players to reliably get big hits in high leverage spots?

    And somehow Joey Gallo is still playing baseball and on this team. I missed that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanlmar View Post
    Dodgers trigger my social disorder. Allow me to gift you a handicap in lieu of my monopolizing the thread

    Padres Manaea / Dodgers Gonsolin over 8.5 -110.

    Gonsolin has been required to pitch twice as many innings as he ever has in his career due to Buehler and other staff injuries. He seems to be coming back to earth. He’s had some recent rough outings.

    Here’s his rotowire


    Manaea has been shelled by the Dodgers in previous outings. His spin rate and mild mannered fastball etc should frighten Padres fans.

    In light of Dodger unexpected bullpen usage (Kershaw) and recent offensive additions by the Padres over 8.5 -110. Kimbrel won’t help us Friday with the over or some laughs but his help won’t be needed. Padres have a decent bullpen so there is that.

    I think Padres take 2 out of 3 but I don’t see any series number yet.

    You don’t have to choose sides. Just take the over. Me… I don’t think Padres +140 is enough reward so I’m going to see if Dodgers ploppies drive up the price throughout the day.

    I took the Dodgers the past few and can scrounge up the tickets so my bonafides are all in order

    Chavez Ravine might need to put up nets to protect the bleacher fans tomorrow.

    For those more advanced wagerers I would like to recommend parlaying the over with a CWS Cease vs Rangers Otto. F5 or RL or Full Game all look swell. Me I’m gonna take a conservative +203 parlay

    The RL is a mighty mighty attractive pairing at +273 irc.


    Nice hit. I read this in the afternoon and couldn’t get across the state line to PA to bet it as I was in different part of town. This is two in a row where I’ve caught one of your bets and couldn’t get down. I haven’t had a $ on any poker site or sportsbook since coinbase to blockchain was no longer an option. I took your word on the Dodgers/Padres. I’ve seen a lot of Cease unfortunately being a Cleveland fan and the kid is pitching with a chip on his shoulder after all star snub.

      Sanlmar: Thank you sir. Dodgers=right outcome-wrong handicap tbh. I’ll take the cash as a consolation lol

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