4 Poker is a new poker site, not open to US players, looking to compete with sites like GGPoker and Pokerstars. Bryn Kenney is both an investor and prominent site pro.

The CEO is named Heath Cram, who is an ex-Pokerstars employee. A journalist named Simon Young did an interview with Cram on August 1, regarding the new site: https://www.poker.org/4poker-launch-heath-cram/

Cram claims in the interview that 4 Poker will be centered around player satisfaction, a model taken by Pokerstars under the Scheinberg days.

In the poker.org article, Cram answered the questions regarding the suitability of Kenney as an ambassador, given his presently bad reputation:

Quote Originally Posted by Heath Cram
By chance, this was actually brought to my attention by a former Stars colleague when I was holidaying in Australia, and I had spoken to Bryn by this stage, unbeknown to them.

I was shocked but also open-minded at this point – taking it for what it was – which was a social media outburst by a character of pretty questionable credibility to my eye.

I’m not na´ve to the industries I’ve worked in and players that play in horse racing, sports betting or poker. The truth is, as always, I’ll make my own judgement of people, and in the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of not only spending time with Bryn and other investors in person but meeting his family and loved ones.

I frankly haven’t spent time with someone with as much passion for poker and people since working for PokerStars’ founding owners.
Bryn doesn’t need my opinion of this, nor should anyone else in social, media, or worse yet, business circles be playing judge, jury and executioner with such an allegation.

With me having a long background in Customer Operations, even without knowing the team or people there, I would firmly put the trust back in the hands of the likes of GGPoker, should Bryn or anyone else be implicated, it should be from an investigation by them, in reaction to this as a complaint.

Bryn has opted to treat this for what it is, a quite desperate outburst from a former disgruntled associate. He says he’s staked 100s of players over the years and lost with many of them but is losing more than money with this one, I think, unfairly.

Most important to me in my business relationship with Bryn is that he is voting with his feet. Since my very first discussion with him, he has been speaking about launching a site that takes integrity and responsibility to the next level. The public can be the judge of that soon enough.


While I agree that accuser Martin Zamani isn't exactly a great guy, most of the allegations seemed fairly credible, and Kenney didn't even directly answer to most of them. It should be quite clear to anyone following the story that something very shady was going on with Bryn and his stakehorses.

So why would this Heath Cram guy make Bryn a site ambassador?

This April 2022 tweet from Lauren Roberts (former friend of Bryn's, who claims to be a victim of his) says it all:


Looks to me that Mr. Cram was probably big on ideas and low on funding, and Bryn had the big checkbook which could help bring this dream to reality. I doubt that Cram thought, "You know who would be a great guy to bring aboard my new poker site project, intending to compete with the big boys? One of the most hated players in 2022 poker, Bryn Kenney!"