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Thread: Young Landon Tice became some sort of Ignition affiliate. Then this happened...

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    Young Landon Tice became some sort of Ignition affiliate. Then this happened...!/x/status/1552041626322669569

    Landon is 23, and is best known for both his association with Matt Berkey's "Solve for Why" group, as well as his ill-fated heads up match against rich island guy Bill Perkins.

    Landon has a nice following of almost 23,000 people, and has a somewhat inspiring story. He rose from annoying Joey Ingram fanboy to become a somewhat well-followed poker personality himself, and eventually caught the attention of other known names in poker such as Berkey. Now he's a coach at Berkey's "Solve For Why" training center, and appears on Berkey's "Only Friends" YouTube show.

    I don't think he's a real Ignition pro. He's probably just some kind of affiliate. However, this couldn't be more embarrassing. When your following is mostly poker players, the last thing you should be hawking is an obviously -EV online slot. That just makes him look like a soulless shill, and it makes Ignition look ridiculous at the same time. It appears they asked him to make this tweet, as it does not have any kind of affiliate link, and the YouTube video he posted is from Ignition's channel.

    Landon probably lacks the maturity to realize how lame and stupid this looks, especially given that his stock in the poker community has generally been rising over the past 2 years, even with his setbacks. He's been trying to come off as a successful young poker pro, yet this just screams "busto and desperate".

    Not a scandal, just an embarrassingly bad marketing decision on both ends.

    Read the comments, though. Lots of gold in there.!/x/status/1552486697169932288!/x/status/1552505171967520768!/x/status/1552093695670976512

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