Topic begins at (0:14:44) mark: Update - Eric Bensamochan, co-counsel to appeal arbitration-related ruling involving PayPal theft case.... (0:24:11): Druff plays 2022 WSOP Main Event, runs into highly unusual opponent hand.... (1:12:16): Druff stuck as perpetual shortstack at Mixed Omaha event -- does he cash?.... (1:36:59): Matt the Rat and Druff discuss Ari Engle's deep run in his first-ever Main Event cash.... (1:48:45): Did Mike Matusow make a smart bluff, or punt his chips to bust the Main?.... (2:03:11): Kentucky country girl Shelby Wells making unlikely run deep in Main Event, but somehow lacking coverage.... (2:21:08): Luke "Slay" Vrabel gets 5-year ban from WSOP overturned in time for the Main Event, thanks to assistance from unlikely party.... (2:42:29): Flop at WSOP Mystery Bounty had two of the same card on it -- then people were reportedly threatened with bans for taking pictures.... (3:00:57): Veronica Brill called nasty name at WSOP by "derogatory" guy, and both he and she got a warning... but is that the whole story?.... (3:17:06): Player in WSOP Ladies event caught sneaking fake chips onto table, but supposedly was allowed to continue & cash in event after small penalty.... (3:33:33): Scotty Nguyen in controversy after he claimed to have never received his 60k in Main Event chips, but then found them in his pocket.... (3:43:38): PFA listener Matt Glantz hits million dollar bounty prize in successful inaugural WSOP Mystery Bounty event.... (3:58:59): Tamon Nakamura accused of taking money from Adam Hendrix for $50K PPC and not playing.... (4:10:10): GGPoker, Pokerstars unleash plans to keep known online cheaters out of live events.... (4:30:35): Nice to be noticed? PFA part of WSOP credentialed media again, Druff gets invited to GGPoker party at Nobu Villa.... (4:52:26): Jared Jaffee catches Brock Wilson using helper app on his phone during Wynn tournament.... (5:12:45): Doug Polk leaves Coinflex after it appears to be broke, Phil Hellmuth & others battling with Doug about the matter.... (6:25:59): Layne Flack inducted to Poker Hall of Fame, less than a year after his death.... (6:31:59): Mikki Mase staked in WSOP event by Spencer Cornelia.... (6:52:01): Update - Lake Mead at extremely low level -- is the southwestern US in danger?