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Thread: *** OFFICIAL *** Poker Fraud Alert Radio thread for 06/13/2022 -- $50 FREEROLL -- 7:45pm PDT Start Time

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    *** OFFICIAL *** Poker Fraud Alert Radio thread for 06/13/2022 -- $50 FREEROLL -- 7:45pm PDT Start Time

    Show will begin around 7:45pm PDT on Monday, June 13, 2022.

    You can listen by going to our Radio tab above, or clicking here:

    "Call To Listen Line": Call (605) 313-0736 to listen to the show from ANY PHONE in the world! No smartphone or app required! If you do have a smartphone, this will NOT cost you any data. There's an alternate number at (641) 741-1095.

    Call in number: (775) FRAUD-55 or (775) 372-8355. Make sure to show your caller ID, or the phone system will not let you through (you will probably get a busy signal)! You can also call our mountaintop number (an old '70s phone sitting on top of Mt. Charleston) at (702) 430-1808.

    You can also text Druff at any time before, during, or after the show, at (775) 372-8355 (our main phone number).

    You can follow along and interact with us in our live chat room, by clicking the Chat tab near the top of the screen. You need to be logged in and have a validated forum account in order to see the chat. It no longer requires Adobe Flash and should work with any device.

    We have a $50 freeroll tonight!

    Freeroll info
    Tournament Location: NoFraud Online Poker Room
    Tournament Date/Time: 6/13/22 at 8:30pm PDT
    Tournament Type: NL Holdem
    Tournament Buyin: FREE - it doesn't even cost you any play chips!
    Tournament Prizes: 1st: $25, 2nd: $15, 3rd: $10. I will send this to you by Zelle, Cash App, bank transfer, bitcoin cash, or "other" methods. PM me after you win to claim your prize!

    The following generous donations were received for this freeroll:
    Chip_Monk $40
    Gordman $10

    There is no tournament password. Go register now! There is now late registration allowed until 25 minutes after start time.

    *** IMPORTANT ***

    You must read the rules for the freeroll, as not everyone qualifies for the free money!

    Freeroll rules can be found here:

    Agenda for today:

    - WSOP Week 3 topics:
    -- Druff gets COVID at WSOP, despite recent 4th vaccination shot
    -- Prior to COVID diagnosis, Druff was struggling at WSOP events
    -- "Nipplegate": Joke nipple massage given to Frank "The Tank" Stepuchin gets masseuse fired, possibly due to Farah Galfond's complaints
    -- Interview with Cintia Amstalden, the fired masseuse
    -- Daniel Negreanu getting stalked and blackmailed at WSOP, by two separate people, one being an attractive female
    -- Scott Seiver enters WSOP Flip-n-Go 43 times -- and doesn't cash!
    -- Nice guys finish last? Accused cheaters/scammers Ali Imsirovic, Jake Schindler, David "CSM" Misicowski, and Nicky Palma all make WSOP final tables
    -- Alex Livingston loses bracelet 20 minutes after winning it

    - Dan Bilzerian has separated from GGPoker, bashes them on YouTube show

    - Mikki Maze claims he was thrown out of the WSOP

    - Admitted former cheat (and onetime PFA Radio guest) Houston Curtis running Live at the Bike these days -- is that a problem?

    - Former NBA star Paul Pierce sued over $180k poker debt

    -- Coronavirus news:
    - Newest Omicron variants seem very cold-like for most adults and kids -- has COVID become like the flu in risk level?

    - Please suggest other good topics if you don't see them here!

    - We take your phone calls at (775) FRAUD-55 or (775) 372-8355

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    Thanks, Druff, for the quick upload (Second show in a row).

    I think I speak for everyone in saying the show being released right after you record it is so much more lovely than fixing any small audio issues with 3 days of post-recording audio engineering.

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    Just listened to the masseus call in , feel really bad she got fired. Should start a position to get here rehired.

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    This weeks donkament results. player123 takes place1 this week.

    Tournament=Radio Freeroll Donkament
    Start=2022-06-13 20:30:06
    Place9=bingo (0) KO:donkey
    Place8=PainlessWon (0) KO:donkey
    Place7=donkey (0) KO:ftpjesus
    Place6=Copyyou (0) KO:player123
    Place5=ballhawknet (0) KO:ftpjesus
    Place4=1marley1 (0) KO:player123
    Place3=Gordman (2400) KO:player123
    Place2=ftpjesus (3600) KO:player123
    Place1=player123 (6000) KO:player123
    Stop=2022-06-13 21:39:23
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    BTW JACKDANIELS is the first one banned from the thread. He is accusing me of being "duped by a middle aged man who dresses like John Cena"

    NoFraud Online Poker Room: For password resets and reload requests PM me.

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