In 1991, Atari developed and chose to shelve Marble Madness 2: Marble Man, the sequel to the popular 1984, MC Escher inspired Marble Madness.

It never saw the light of day, and it was assumed that nobody would ever get to play it. However, somehow the ROMs of the project were just recently leaked (31 years later), and MAME has been adjusted to where it can run.

If you would like to play Marble Madness 2: Marble Man, follow these instructions:

1) Get MAME 0.243 from either the current release page or the older release page, depending upon whether it's the latest when you read this. Install it.

2) Get the modified mame.exe binary from here, and overwrite the other mame.exe from where you just installed MAME.

3) Go to the Marble Madness II page on and click on "ZIP" on the right side, to download

4) Rename to

5) Move to the ROMS directory in the MAME location you just installed.

6) Run MAME as you usually do, using marblmd2 as the game you're running ("mame marblmd2"). Remember that on some computers nowadays, MAME will freeze, so you need to follow these simple instructions to run MAME and have it work properly if you have freezing issue.

Here is a YouTube of the gameplay of Marble Madness II: Marble Man. I'll be honest and tell you that it isn't that good of a game, and those flashing lights telling you where to go are tilting and distracting. They should have gotten the original developers on this project. No wonder it wasn't released. Still, if you want to play it out of curiosity, now you can, for the first time in history.