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Thread: Druff, Drexel, & Vwls Show - 09/10/2012 - Only the Lonely

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    Druff, Drexel, & Vwls Show - 09/10/2012 - Only the Lonely

    Druff does this show solo. He talks about the Partouche Poker Tour scam & gives his reaction to the statement by owner Patrick Partouche. Caesar's possibly selling the WSOP is discussed. Daniel Negreanu's comments are covered, regarding Mason Malmuth's treatment of the 22Q Foundation Ironman Podcast. Druff analyzes the latest Howard Lederer legal defense, and talks about the current status of the AP/UB potential sale. The state of online poker in Nevada is discussed, including the South Point and new licensee Stratosphere. 408Mike gives an interview about his tumultuous life. PFA "Best Poster" winner Crowe Diddly makes an appearance on radio and answers some questions about himself. "Action" calls in, and talks about the difficulties of playing live limit hold 'em for a living in Vegas these days. Michael Phelps' supposed 100k win at Caesar's Las Vegas is touched upon. Drexel and Vwls will return next week.

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