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Thread: Casino catches MPs

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    Casino catches MPs

    MPs make money from Bonus Machines. Some MPs clear a thousand a week while others make $5K to $10K+ per week.

    One operation involves running an average daily coin-in of $20K, $40K, etc. The games of choice are Must Hit’s and BMs like Hexbreaker 3. Unfortunately some Civilians complained about a team of MPs due to harassment and intimidation.

    The Casino researched the MP’s history. Then one rookie auditor asked why are the MPs getting over $40K per year in room comps? Then the auditors dug further with Security 86’ing the team.

    Covid made hotel rooms expensive: the rack rate was now over $600 on a Saturday vs $219 prior to Covid. The team was clueless about the casino rate.

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    130IQ Hustler uses a lot of insider terms in his posts about casino advantage play, so again I'll try to explain this for the reader not familiar with that community.

    MPs stands for "machine players" -- a subset of casino advantage player who don't form their own plays, but rather sticks to playing machines that they heard through third parties can be in a positive expectation (+EV) state.

    These players will go around the casino and observe such machines, and wait until they are in such a positive state. These machines are either BMs (bonus machines, where some temporary bonus state is active or close to active) or "must hits" (machines with a counter where the bonus on the counter has to be paid out by the time it reaches a certain point).

    In the above story he told, a team of players were making good money per week doing this ($1k-$10k), presumably as a combination of both winnings on the machines and freeplay offers they'd earn.

    Hustler says that these MPs were too aggressive with stalking the machines, and regular players were complaining about these guys hassling them. This triggered an internal audit, and they realized what these guys were doing, resulting in all of them being 86ed. Hustler claims that another mistake was staying over Saturday nights, which were far more expensive, and thus racked up high comp room charges and caused auditors to dig further to figure out everything going on.

    In general, it is a mistake to overaggressively stalk such machines to the point where regular players are annoyed, as this will eventually result in you being 86ed.

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    There are good people selling used cars but there are also some scumbags in the profession. It's true of most any profession. There are good people that play advantage slots but there are also some scumbags.

    There are slot machines in the casinos that, even though they have a theoretical house edge in the long term that can never be overcome, in the short term they have variable states of payback. A variable state game can swing back and forth from say a 15% house edge to a 20% or even high player edge in a matter of several spins. Some games may take much more spins to show a positive. There are definite clues on the game screens that the game is in either a negative or positive state. The slot AP recognizes these clues and only plays when the games are in positive mode.
    Once the game goes back to negative mode the AP cashes out then wonders around the casino looking for another positive play.

    Most AP's don't bother anybody and will go out of their way to never get in a confrontation. Experienced AP's know that confrontations lead to getting 86'd. I've seen dumb rookie APs that think all plays belong to them complain to security about another AP causing that AP to get 86'd but in complaining to security the snitch rookie AP brought scrutiny to their self and wound up getting 86'd to. Idiots.

    There is another kind of scumbag AP. They are called "Creators." One example is a hustler named Nicholas that we used to call "Nick the Sick." He was a crackhead. He knew the variable state slot games well. Many times he used an agent or sidekick. Nick had a great gift of gab with the little old ladies. It was nothing for him to talk a little old lady into switching to a "hot machine." Invariably the "hot machine" was a variable state game. He would put her on it with the promise of riches when the game was in negative mode. Then once the game went to a good positive he would switch her to another machine. Then his agent would swoop in and play off the positive machine.

    Other creators would sit down next to a ploppie on a game in positive mode and blow cigarette smoke all over them to try to get them to leave. Others would talk to the ploppie "That machine just hit a 10K jackpot!" or "That machine never hits."
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