Certain apps are trying very hard to stop you from running them on a jailbroken phone.

First, try getting Liberty Lite, and seeing if that works. If it doesn't, you may need vnodebypass.

KernBypass used to be the solution here, but unforunately some newer apps can tell if you have KernBypass installed, so they will fail to open.

In case you want to try KernBypass, instructions (and the relevant file links, updated 10/1/21) here: https://pokerfraudalert.com/forum/sh...-one-will-work!

However, if KernBypass has stopped working for you, you will want to REMOVE IT, and get vnodebypass.

Here's how:


1) Prerequisites: Newterm (terminal program). Install from Cydia first. Make sure to disable other jailbreak bypass apps for any apps which are still seeing the jailbreak.

2) If you don't have KernBypass installed, skip to step #8

3) Reboot phone. Re-jailbreak. Do NOT do the Newterm commands for KernBypass that you otherwise do after re-jailbreaking.

4) Go to Newterm and type: rm /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/jp.akusio.ke*

4b) If you never installed fakevar, skip to step #8. However, doing the below commands won't hurt either way.

5) Now type: rm -rf /var/mobile/fakevar

6) Type: rm -rf /var/MobileSoftwareUpdate/mnt1/fakevar (if this says file not found, don't worry about it)

7) Type: ls /var/mobile (make sure you don't see fakevar listed there). Exit Newterm.

8) Go to Cydia and add repo https://cydia.ichitaso.com

9) Search for and install the latest vnodebypass version

10) Search for and install libkrw (otherwise won't work on some iOS)

11) Go to the new vnodebypass app installed on your home screen. Press Enable to enable it. Now these apps which used to work with KernBypass will work.

12) When done with those apps, go back to vnodebypass and click Disable. If phone is acting funny after this, reboot and rejailbreak.

13) Make sure you DISABLE Liberty Lite or other jailbreak bypass applications -- at least for the ones which you couldn't get working before -- or this method won't work!

That's it!