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Thread: Please post in this thread if you are going to play in WSOP 2021 and plan on tweeting your chips or whatever

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    Heading out to play events 30, 33 and 35. Overpaid to stay at the RIO but whatever, cant wait

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    Okay, new plan.
    I am going back to play in the Super Seniors on October 31. This will lead right in to the Main Event, which I will enter if I can cash for 8k or so. Or maybe I'll be so tilted after doing something stupid to bust out of the Senior's that I'll just enter the main anyway.
    My wife said, (How can they make that a four day event? Won't everyone be asleep by the end of day 2)?

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    Any of you plan to tweet for those events?

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    Did Micon #pfa28 for his deep PLO run?
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