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Thread: Missing White Woman: 2021 Edition (Gabby Petito)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Still kinda wonder what the deal was with the parents.

    Clearly they knew where he was.

    It's unlikely they cooperated in a plan for him to kill himself.

    At the end, obviously they gave a lot of help because they were fairly convinced he was dead, and wanted him found at that point. But what about before that? They did say where he was, about 3 days after he left, without being specific. I'm guessing they were concerned about him after he didn't make some sort of planned contact, but they didn't want to give up his exact location until a long enough time passed to where he was either gone or dead.
    Mostly agree, but seems odd to pocket the location, one would think that parents would be holding out all hope for survival and would give it up sooner than later in the hopes of saving his life.

    Even if he told them he killed her it probably wouldn't change their perspective. They wouldn't let him leave if they knew he would hels.
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    what happened to the Ford 2012 Transit Van, White?
    (long before there was a PFA i had my Grenade & Crossbones avatar at DD)

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    The two Moab, Utah officers are undre fire now for not arresting Gabby Petito (!!) after they were called to the disturbance which occurred there:

    This is needless Monday morning quarterbacking. The belief is that if they arrested her for domestic violence (since she had been hitting him, and not the other way around), that might have disrupted the relationship enough to where the trip might have been aborted.

    There was indeed some female privilege in this one (the woman assaulting a man in a relationship is much less likely to be arrested for domestic violence than the other way around, especially if she's small), but I have to agree with the call they made here. Because of the size and strength difference, Laundrie wasn't in much danger from Gabby hitting him, and obviously you saw what happened when the reverse occurred.

    They should just let this go, and not put the officers on any kind of probation. On the bodycam, one of the officers said he didn't want to arrest Petito because it would given Brian "more control over her", with him holding the potential bail money.

    In fact, it does seem like money might have been part of the source of his rage, as he had some fight with a restaurant about not wanting to pay for something which got really heated, and it appears he killed Gabby that same day.

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    2 more deadbeats living off Covid cash gone. Do we blame their deaths on Trump or Biden, was never sure.

    And she probably should have had a bra on in her last appearance in the media she desired so much.

    RIP to both.

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    Two updates.

    First, apparently a notebook was found by Brian Laundrie's body, and the FBI just revealed that he admitted having killed her in the notebook:

    Second, remember those two lesbians murdered in Moab, at around the same time Brian Laundrie was there? They claimed several months ago that Laundrie wasn't involved, and that's still the claim. However, police claim they now have a "persons of interest" in the murder, but police are also bitching that people are speculating on the case on social media. I guess the police don't understand the internet? A lot of interest developed in these murders because of the possible Laundrie connection, and people still have interest in seeing it solved, even though Laundrie probably didn't do it. They can't bitch about the internet taking guesses.

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    I was kind of blown away by the sheer amount of time they spent on two emotional kids having a spat with no injuries, besides minor ones to him. Had they arrested her, she gets out in a day and they’re whining that the cops arrested the victim of abuse rather than the killer. Those cops were patient with two young adults acting like children and treated it as serious as anyone can expect and fell down on the side of common sense.

    Let’s get real. Those laws are there to protect women. Once they ascertain the 100lb girl was the aggressor, any further time they spent was overly cautionary and maybe a little CYA. They didn’t choose him for a boyfriend. She did. They did an excellent job imo and showed a lot of patience. I would have made sure the girl was fine and said can you two dumbasses quit making fools of yourselves and swerving around fighting while driving and the whole video would have been five minutes before I left to grab a coffee.

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    I actually find the murder of the lesbians far more fascinating than this Petito case.

    Put aside the national hysteria and the weird situation with Brian coming home without her, and then refusing to talk to anyone about it... we pretty much knew the entire way that he killed her. It was just a question of exactly where and when, and whether they'd be able to prove it. But there was no mystery to the whole thing. We knew she was dead, we knew who did it, and we knew it was very likely a domestic violence rage killing while on their trip.

    The murder of the lesbians is much more bizarre, especially given the police's reaction to it. The texts from one of the women complained of a "creepy guy" at their campsite who had apparently been stalking them, and these complaints were repeated at a Moab bar. Then the two women were found murdered, shot multiple times, and undressed (but not sexually assaulted).

    However, despite not having a suspect, Moab police assured the public that they were "not in danger" and that the killer "has left the area".

    How could they make such bold claims, if they didn't know who did it? I think there's something we're not being told.

    The only possibility I can think of would be that the killer had a burner phone which was traced to the campsite, and they traced the signal leaving town and going far away, but the guy shut it off before they could catch up with him.

    Either that, or they do know who did it, but are pretending they don't, so they can build a case.

    The older of the two also clearly had a past involvement with drugs, and they were living a weird homeless lifestyle in the summer when it wasn't cold outside. To me it seems like it was either someone they knew, or someone associated with a person they knew, who carried out some kind of vendetta killing. Otherwise it makes zero sense how relaxed Moab police were that they didn't have a serial killer on the loose.

    Really interested to see this one solved.

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