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Thread: Missing White Woman: 2021 Edition (Gabby Petito)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Still kinda wonder what the deal was with the parents.

    Clearly they knew where he was.

    It's unlikely they cooperated in a plan for him to kill himself.

    At the end, obviously they gave a lot of help because they were fairly convinced he was dead, and wanted him found at that point. But what about before that? They did say where he was, about 3 days after he left, without being specific. I'm guessing they were concerned about him after he didn't make some sort of planned contact, but they didn't want to give up his exact location until a long enough time passed to where he was either gone or dead.
    Mostly agree, but seems odd to pocket the location, one would think that parents would be holding out all hope for survival and would give it up sooner than later in the hopes of saving his life.

    Even if he told them he killed her it probably wouldn't change their perspective. They wouldn't let him leave if they knew he would hels.
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    what happened to the Ford 2012 Transit Van, White?
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