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    Trip Report Golden Triangle

    Looks like I missed a lot of action around here. Being mostly on the road the last few months I haven't done much browsing. Last night I was back home at my computer and read the whole C$ faked his death thread. I'll never have them few hours back but wow that was entertaining and twisted.

    July 20th I left SD on a #Lose15win100 challenge. I was trying to lose 15 lbs, while making 100k playing only poker. Needed a sports betting break after the way the NBA ended. Wrong side of both the ECF, WCF, and Finals put a dent in my sports betting roll. I knew I was going to have to run like God, hit a tourney(haven't played one since a min cash at 2016 WSOP) or hit a jackpot to achieve these goals.

    Anyhow Day 2 I hit the jackpot at the Bike in the 20-40 and made another 10k playing 20-40 and 40-80 limit holdem the first week and lost 10 lbs.
    Weeks 2 and 3 were up in Northern California. Spent time in Sac, Chico, Roseville, Oakland, SF. Went to the 2 game series Padres @OAkland at the Coliseum. It was the only park in Ca I had never been to and this might be their last year in Oakland. We had great seats right behind the Pads dugout. Sadly game 2 is when this horrible slump started after giving up a 3-1 lead in the 9th. SMH Padres look like toast, still holding out small hope. My friends are doing these popup dispensaries in No Ca. Fun events to go to, saw a bunch of great weed and the mushroom phenomenon real. Picked up a mushroom strawberry lemonade that I drank in Vegas one night. Very good product!!

    The next month or so has been in Vegas and So Cal. The week I was in Vegas the games were not that great and I never played any of the scheduled donkaments I wanted to shoot at @Venetian and Wynn. For some reason I can not get myself up for a tournament like I do for a cash game. The fear of failure gets to me and I find something else to do.

    Here we are almost 2 months in to the challenge and I gained the 10 back and am up 60ish. Last week winning 25 online playing PLO gave me a chance at the money goal but no good on the weight goal. Played a 5-10 session last Thursday night where I bought in 1k and in 4 hours we got a 17k stack and I wouldn't have taken this shot had i not been down 1k in the live game weeee.. Too much partying and steakhouses to hit the weight goal. One week left the goal is to grind hard, get a few hikes in and play a fucking tournament. Pics and results to come all the shit in my phone.

    oh and last thing this is not the start of some long con. Promise!!

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    all hail Hydra

    Originally Posted by DanDruff:Since I'm a 6'2" Republican with an average-sized nose and a last name which doesn't end with "stein", "man", or "berg", I can hide among the goyim and remain undetected unless I open my mouth about money matters.

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    Sounds like you had a great trip! Thank you for sharing. I played the Foxwood $280 last week and cashed in 32nd place and tonight I'm playing a small one in Keene, NH. Best of luck to you in getting to your desired weight.


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    Update pls

      country978: yes an update for sure. enjoyed part 1 a lot

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