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Thread: Norm McDonald DD

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    I just got word from his sister. Here I was posting arguments one second and get a kick in the nuts the next second. Fuck. This is fucking terrible. He seemed to be doing ok last I saw him. Shocked and now starting to cry. A great guy he was. Fuck

    Norm didn't have a sister.

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    At 61 years of age, can you really call him "Old" McDonald?

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    Norm was the GOAT

      thesidedish: wow is that a beer belly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    I actually hope this [second impeachment] succeeds, because I want Trump put down politically like a sick, 14-year-old dog. ... I don't want him complicating the 2024 primary season. I just want him done.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Were Republicans cowardly or unethical not to go along with [convicting Trump in the second impeachment Senate trial]? No. The smart move was to reject it.

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    Norm used to frequent the 3-6 limit hold’em games at The Mirage back in the day. He was always kind of quiet, but very nice. I get the idea he was there to blow off a little steam and relax. His play was ok. Back then most players were horrible, so he held his own. RIP.

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    Beer belly on the chick?
    Norm was a rake until he hit the later years
    I don't think he was boozer and if you look at his face and pants you
    you should be able to tell he was still a skinny kid

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    Never Forget

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