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Thread: I was robbed by a local company for 2700. Whats my best move?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayjami View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gordman View Post
    Whatever the final outcome ultimately is, you should rake this fucker through the coals however possible. I wouldn't even care if you got your money back or not. Fuck that motherfucker.

    Post that shit wherever you can and make sure it is on the front page of Google results. Make a website, post on review forums...wherever you can. If it were me, my primary job would be to make sure that every human that looked this guy up looking for business, would click first on my ordeal/story and then think twice about doing business with them.

    Nobody that pulls shit like that deserves to be in business.
    Lol. Youíre getting one side of the story and buying it hook, line and sinker. The number one rule of business litigation is everyone is a liar until proven otherwise.
    Sir, this is an internet forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4BET View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    I think 4BET is telling the truth. I have seen the contract. While I have no way to independently validate his claim that they now want $11,000 instead of $5400 as stated in the contract, I believe him.

    In general, businesses holding your money (especially small businesses) HATE giving it back. It's some kind of weird psycholgoical block, to where handing money back already held is like losing money. In this case, a small family-owned company held $2700 which they thought pretty much guaranteed work going forward, and then the bad news about the required 75-foot setback dropped, and they realized they couldn't complete the work for anywhere near the quoted contracted price. Now they simply don't want to take $2700 back out of their pocket and refund it, because they were counting on keeping it, and now they have to give it back.
    Was a dumb reply by jay. I have no reason to lie. I wish this mess wasnít happening but sadly it is. Even more fail by the company that I havenít posted. Like they lied on the variance to health department. Guy who came out to price the well was his 1st day on the job. Yes all true. Druff I do have owners cell# if you feel like a troll call one day or even to ask him why he did a bait and switch 5400 to 11k
    Not calling you a liar, but rushing to judgment just because you like someone (or they are your client) is a major mistake. I offered to look at your shit and give you my advice. The offer still stands.

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