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Thread: Konami,Pop slots,Play studios APPS thief

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    Question Konami,Pop slots,Play studios APPS thief

    Konami has "Vegas casino slots"
    Play studios has " My Vegas slots"
    Pop slots has "Live Vegas casino"

    All free Play sites for points that accumulate,hold Value and can be used for certain venues, shows,rides,cruises etc...

    The fun worthless points you collect are separated.

    However the 3 combined "Bonus Points" accumulated are in a aggregate pool combining the 3 sites.

    1,575,000 BOnus $$Value points were hacked, off which of the games we don't know as they are connected... You can see aggregate balance on each game...

    NO fun Points were touched.

    The first Un-noticed "Grab of VALUE points" was for 25k. she did notice.!.. It was redeemed in Melbourne, Australia for a discount at a "Escape room" venue

    NO One to contact!! Livid, violated as anyone would feel.
    those Value points were collected for many years.

    2,000,000 you rcv a 2-1 cruise....

    I can only imagine a employee saw the tremendous amount of Points and was to tempted.
    The next day goodbye kit & caboodle....

    Just me typing this ,Qing her over details, made her take a Alazorppam(sp0

    So with all the skull duggery going on in this World, and the harm these Digital experts exert over a Majority of compliterate folks is criminal..

    I am consoling her that it could've been real $$$ on such untrustworthy Apps.

    Amen she does not gamble on real $ sites..... I think Long time P.F.A. member "JaymJ"?(excuse me) penned a post today ending with "Caveat emptor"buyer beware, involving online anything crypto, gaming,etc....wise words.

    ????? alas if anyone heard of such Developers, games or has any solace to offer feel free...

    Please do not deter from the jeering & cheering...

    Apps deleted...

    Def a Insider job.

    Peace light love
    see you at the Free$ Tables Sept 12 at 1125pm PST for the Donkament ;/.
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