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Thread: Guaranteed Win on $50 Prop Bet for Caesar’s Betting App?

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    Guaranteed Win on $50 Prop Bet for Caesar’s Betting App?

    So I was lured into using the William Hill Sport’s Betting app by the $500 free bet offer a year ago and now would like to throw this prop bet put there for anyone looking for a quick $50.

    I highly doubt this was a mistake by CET and I was able to place my bet on it. It basically stipulates that on the NFL opening night game Between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys, you get +100 odds or Even money if the Buccaneers score At Least 1 point.

    Am I dreaming or is this a typo? I could understand doing this for the first drive or first 5 minutes. But the entire game the defending champs with a high powered offense only has to score a point or more?? Anyway, here’s a screen shot and feel free to get your free money! Or let me know if this is just for existing members and not available to new members?

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      JeffDime: It looks legit and I miss these chances at free money. Thanks for posting.

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    they do this to get people to deposit $50 on their site...

    they know that 99% of their population won't have the discipline to hit and run them for their $50 so they'll end up getting their $50 back in addition to a $50's a brilliant marketing gimmick...they wouldn't do it if they got hit and run by a ton of their betting base...

    DK did the same thing with the UGA/CLEM game and something similar for TB/DAL...

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    The minimum deposit for William Hill/Caesars is $200, so I see that being their price point.

    I’ve had no issues with withdrawals so far with it and the bonus bet boosts are decent. Just thought I’d throw this out there for any AP betting app vultures.

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    The "Risk Free Bet" is different from the +100 Bucs score a point promotion. The "Risk Free Bet" is for new users only, and you can place your first bet on the app and if you lose you get your bet back IN A FREE BET, which you can then wager and hope to make your money back. EV-wise it's a very good deal but don't bet more than you're willing to lose (if you lose your first bet and also lose the bet you use the "Free Bet" token on).

    The +100 Bucs score a point is simply a promotion, which Caesars (and many of the legal apps) seem to do at the start of a season (such as "TB Bucs +73 vs. the Cowboys "No Brainer" bet, on the Draftkings app).

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