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Thread: Wanted: Classic Shelby Mustang

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    Wanted: Classic Shelby Mustang

    Prefer 65-66 GT350. Condition not important but should have original engine that turns over. $1k finder fee if I buy the car. Please do not send me any publicly available classifieds as I monitor them already. Not interested in anything after 1968 or any other types of cars. TIA.

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    Had to do a view of this the whole 666 views was a little tilting to me.. My brother had a Shelby Cobra (hes an IT dude in Florida for the big V as in Verizon). I dont know if he still has it.. Dude is basically been all Mustang his entire life even though hes had 3 claims for theft in the 30yrs hes owned one or two at a time.. BTW nice choice.. My dream has always been a Red one 1966 specifically.. Never going to happen however although if i were you keep an eye especially on things around February out here in AZ.. Barrett Jackson usually gets one every year if not every other year but then your paying out the ass but you dont have to do anything to it to restore just enjoy the thing..

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