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Thread: WSOP botches Pennsylvania bracelet events

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    WSOP botches Pennsylvania bracelet events

    It's bad enough that is having Pennyslvania-only online bracelet events.

    But check out this paytable, when the $3200 NLH high roller reached 61 entries:!/x/status/1427757657994182661

    Yes, you're seeing that right. 36 spots out of 61 paid, and $1596 is the mincash -- less than HALF of the buyin! Additionally, with 9 spots left to the min-cash, late registration was still open!

    It ended up getting 86 entries, still paying 36, and mincash being a little more than $1800. Still terrible.!/x/status/1427804281395105794

    Additionally, Norman Chad brought up a different event, where the 2nd place finisher had entered 9 times:!/x/status/1427752144778579972

    Finally, at a non-bracelet event, we had this bizarre situation:!/x/status/1428123382349012995

    Yes, that's two cards being dealt at a PLO event. And yes, the event is titled "$25 NLH $5000 PLO".

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    These guys could fuck up a cup of coffee. Despite their best efforts in both the live & online realm to be as inept as humanly possible, the WSOP brand is strong enough to withstand the damage. I do think losing ESPN and having this thing buried on CBSSN will finally lead to erosion over time.

    The bracelet is so devalued that I think most of the post boom players don’t care nearly as much about them as the old school players & those who came in around during the boom. It will be interesting to see the numbers next year when they move to the strip. This will cost most of the recreational players more and be a bigger hassle to come and play. I think there will be an opening for other entities/venues to compete.

    If the WSOP brand continues to hold up over the next 3-5 years and beyond, it won’t be because of the great job they are doing.

    All that being said, as long as the don’t change the buy-in and structure, the Main Event is almost impossible to fuck up. Even for these guys.
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