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The WSOP is ruining their reputation with incompetent decision after incompetent decision. I used to watch the WSOP on TV and this year I was going to play in it for the first time but not anymore. They have become way too political, their customer support is an abomination, and I have never been treated so terribly by any business like the WSOP has treated me. They don't care that I spent thousands of dollars in rake and played the highest cash games everyday. They act like they hate money and want as few people on their site as possible. Now with this vaccination mandate, it makes no sense to require players to have this and it is more of a political statement than anything. Unless they make all the players and staff live in a bubble during the series then the vaccine being mandatory makes no sense. Plus the vaccine doesn't mean you can't spread it or catch it so the whole thing is insanely stupid. It's the World Series of Poker and should open to all individuals who want to play to find out who the best poker players are. This isolates a lot of people that would normally have played and any bracelets won this year should come with an asterick. Druff should campaign to take over for the woman who is running it now. Getting someone who cares about poker would make a big difference I would think.
It only isolates morons who wonít get vaxxed. Definitely going to miss all that dead money.