Something I find tilting is when a bank or other business sends me a 25-page document which I need to print, sign, scan, and send back, yet I only need to sign 1 or 2 pages. Do I really want to waste time and ink by printing all 25 pages, and re-scanning them?

Is there a way to only print the pages you need to sign, and then insert them back into the document? YES.

And if you have a PDF where the pages are different sizes (as can happen when you do the above trick), and you want to resize them all into one, is there a way? Again, YES. If you just need to resize PDF pages to all the same size, skip to step 6!

Read on...

How to print/sign only the desired pages, then insert them back in the original document

1) Print the pages you need to sign, sign them, and scan them into a PDF. If the pages are consecutive, you can scan them all into one PDF file. Otherwise, if they aren't consecutive (such as pages 13 and 18), then save a separate PDF for each page.

2) For the other pages, use the same print function, but instead of selecting your printer, select "Microsoft Print to PDF" for the printer. Instead of printing, it will generate the pages into a new PDF file. Then choose the pages you want to "print" (put into a new PDF file). Choose the entire range up to the pages you really printed, skip those, and then repeat this until you've got all the pages either printed or into a new PDF file. For example, in a 25-page document, where you actually printed pages 13 and 18 but don't need to print the rest, you would "print to PDF" pages 1-12, 14-17, and 19-25, in three different pdf files.

3) At this point, you should have separate PDF files for all the pages you either printed/scanned or re-generated into smaller PDF files. So again in our example of pages 13 and 18 in a 25-page document, you'd have the following files:
page1-12.pdf (you generated this)
page13.pdf (you scanned this)
page14-17.pdf (you generated this)
page18.pdf (you scanned this)
page19-25.pdf (you generated this)

4) If you don't have it already, download the free program PDF Merger & Splitter from the Microsoft Store, install it, and run it.

5) It's a very simple interface. Use the "Add PDFs" button on the top left to add all of the PDFs you just made, in order. Once you have them all on the screen, click "Merge PDF" on the bottom right, and choose the new filename for the combined document. Ignore the "Page size settings" dropdown on the bottom left, as this doesn't work properly.

6) It is likely your scanned pages will be a different "size" than the pages you re-generated. No problem. To re-size everything, open the new combined PDF, and do the print function. Again, select "Microsoft Print to PDF" as your printer, and make sure the option "Fit" for page size is selected. Then press Print, and it will generate a new PDF which with all pages equally sized.

That's it!