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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/04/2021 - Return to Vegas

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/04/2021 - Return to Vegas

    (Topic begins at 0:17:32 mark): Druff returns to Vegas for the first time in over 16 months.... (1:04:56): Update: Druff makes contact with Nick Scheel, the guy who made a shady $100 request for money on Venmo.... (1:24:28): Landon Tice waves the white flag after 25% of hands in challenge against Bill Perkins.... (1:53:55): Norman Chad's Twitter hacked by Turkish charity scammer.... (2:16:46): ZED Run has two more masive fails, including embarrassing "fake contest winner" e-mail blunder.... (3:01:00): Brandon censored on Facebook for talking about Vegas restaurant "Egg Slut".... (3:20:50): Druff and Brandon visit two high-end Vegas restaurants together, and have some strange events.... (4:11:05): Clonie Gowan and other forgotten 2000s poker personalities return as pros on new "Dealio Poker" site.... (4:39:55): The Micros returns - sort of.... (4:58:01): Woman on Facebook reports weird video poker scam at Planet Hollywood.... (5:13:40): Druff, Brandon, and tradershky review the just-opened Resorts World.... (6:49:32): Pinball Museum finds out bad news that expensive new location was accidentally built on someone else's land.... (7:06:43): 1999 WSOP Main Event Champion Noel Furlong passes away.... (7:25:30): Poker fan's YouTube channel shut down by overaggressive PokerGo lawyers.... (7:40:20): Poker player Sarah Stefan alleges chaotic, abusive scene at Flamingo poker tournament.... (7:59:45): Did courts make the right decision in releasing Bill Cosby?.... (8:19:30): Nevada casinos see record wins in May 2021.... (8:28:37): Druff tells bizarre story about a flaky girl from Sparks, Nevada who repeatedly promised in the early 1990s to travel 500 miles to have sex with him.... (8:47:14): Ben Affleck spotted playing high limit blackjack in Vegas again.... (8:50:43): MGM sells more hotels to Blackstone.... (8:58:42): Woman exploits glitch on BetMGM Michigan, runs up $3.3 million, gets caught.... (9:13:42): Sporttrade seeks to be the first legalized "sportsbetting exchange" in the US, where players directly bet against each other.

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