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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/11/2021 - Who is Nick Scheel?

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/11/2021 - Who is Nick Scheel?

    (Topic begins at 0:20:09 mark): Mike Postle's ex-wife appears on Veronica Brill's YouTube show, makes explosive allegations.... (0:54:57): Mike Postle files document bashing Veronica Brill and Marc Randazza, ahead of upcoming attorneys fees hearing.... (1:59:09): Venmo hacker targeting poker pros might be going after Druff right now.... (2:31:46): Phil Ivey does rare long-form interview with Chicago Joey.... (3:38:37): Prahlad Friedman admits for first time in a decade that he hypocritically promoted UB in 2010 due to need of money.... (4:05:54): Matt Berkey creates drama regarding Landon Tice / Bill Perkins match taking place on ACR.... (4:35:49): UK recreational player David Afework claims Party Poker wrongly disqualified him after $160k tournament win.... (5:04:51): Why is there a poker media blackout regarding Dan Colman's allegations against Sean Perry?.... (5:16:45): Some sportsbooks paying bettors on Jon Rahm after COVID-19 forced him to withdraw from PGA tournament.... (5:40:49): $22 million embezzler and WPT champ Dennis Blieden gets sentenced - tradershky joins us at this point.... (6:08:25): Vital Vegas claims rumors going around that embattled Virgin Vegas hotel already looking for buyers.... (6:23:12): Dumb robber hits Cosmo cage for $10k, gets busted quickly.... (6:39:50): Nun steals over $800k to fund gambling habit.... (6:51:36): Wynn has great status match program right now for higher tier cards at other properties.... (7:09:12): Hydroxychloriquine turns out to be effective, after all.

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