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Thread: Splitthis goes on record being magnetized

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    We have houseguests from Ohio at the moment and a lot of the stereotypes ring true.

    Right hand to god, one of these women was a nurse.

    My wife owes me big time and I plan to collect

    Here’s a funny anecdote. One of the women bought a new car. Ohio issues temporary paper tags. Her tags expired 1-28-21.
    For a non covid believing red state Ohio still haven’t caught up issuing new permanent tags. What the fuck have they been doing over there since they’ve been open? Like how many people can afford new cars in Ohio anyway? July 1 the DMV says they will be back to normal. Lol.

    Police are pulling her over every day here and good times ensue.

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    I must stand my nurse friend. Brian Williams, a bonafide reporter was humiliated when he claimed he was shot down in a helicopter first into Iraq

    Total b.s. no where near the action
    Never Forget

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