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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/04/2021 - Ode to Otis

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/04/2021 - Ode to Otis

    Show is dedicated to Druff's pug Otis, who passed away this week at age 16 1/2.... khalwat co-hosts first 2+ hours.... (Topic begins at 0:22:49): Landon Tice and Bill Perkins play two sessions in their heads up match.... (0:57:41): Zenith Poker posts preflop charts from poker coaching programs on YouTube, controversy ensues.... (1:14:10): Update: Sean Perry wins high roller event for $365k, will that go to Daniel Colman?.... (1:39:28): Daniel Negreanu "accidentally" destroys plexiglass after bustout from high roller.... (1:56:05): Bovada leaving New York market, but Ignition is staying..... (2:09:24): Legalized sportsbook opens at Capital One Arena in DC..... (2:32:47): Brandon joins at this point - Ray Davis claims RealGrinders poker room has gone down, and the operator stole the money.... (3:06:44): New COVID cases in the US have declined by 96%.... (3:14:57): What is the story behind the controversial Fauci e-mails?.... (3:45:25): Will the Rio try to restore itself to 1990s glory?.... (4:15:33): Vegas sets record for million dollar home sales.... (4:24:10): Nevada comes up with bizarre self-exclusion procedure for online gaming.... (4:34:34): Mega-progressive jackpot hit in Vegas.... (4:37:32): Kelly Stewart loses job at ESPN due to 2012 slurs on Twitter.... (4:52:02): Record traffic jam forms on Memorial Day leaving Vegas.... (5:03:48): Should Silk Road owner Ross Ulbricht have gotten a life sentence?.... (5:12:21): More miscellaneous Vegas topics.... (5:26:58): Sherif the Nigerian scammer attempts to finally extract bitcoin from Brandon, and Colonel Nigel Fabersham is brought in to help.

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