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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/21/2021 - Punitive Paypal

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/21/2021 - Punitive Paypal

    (Topic starts at 0:28:47): Chris Moneymaker, Ryan Feldman, Mike Matusow, others accuse PayPal of outright stealing tens of thousands from them.... (1:36:41): Veronica Brill's hearing for attorney's fees from Mike Postle delayed four weeks.... (2:01:03): $1 million in cash and chips stolen from Chad Power in nasty follow-home burglary.... (2:38:29): Cryptocurrency crash depresses many poker pros who are heavily invested in it, featuring call from "CryptoNinja".... (3:28:19): Connecticut man wins $1.35 million in lawsuit against Foxwoods, in their own tribal court.... (3:50:45): Bettor accuses Barstool Sports of punishing him for winning.... (4:12:54): NBA Top Shot - what happened? / Brandon joins during this segment..... (4:41:38): Update: Laurel/Diamond lounges at Caesars rumored to be replaced by coupon system.... (5:01:07): Update: Greyhound racing could be banned in US by end of 2022.... (5:11:14): Several states are trying lottery-style giveaways for vaccinated people.... (5:20:58): What Would Druff Do? "I work in a casino, am fully vaccinated, and masks are now optional".... (5:41:44): Where is the best value hotel on the Las Vegas strip?.... (5:55:45): Nigerian scammer "Sherif" calls the show again, believing it to be Brandon's phone number.... Note that at around the 4:11:00 mark, Druff started getting very sick, and didn't realize it yet! He completed the show for the final two hours with a high fever and terrible chills, while not letting on during the episode!

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