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Thread: GGPoker and ACR Theft

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    GGPoker and ACR Theft

    I signed up recently with GGPoker after seeing that they had some International WSOP Events. I am really surprised that WSOP has associated themselves with this site as it appears to be a big scam. I made two deposits in the cashier after signing up and have not seen a nickel credited to my account. I contacted support and told them what happened, I attached the receipt of the transaction, I provided links to the blockchain of each transaction, and they responded back to me by telling me that these transactions were cancelled and to check with my wallet provider. This is obviously impossible as any transaction that is made on the blockchain cannot be cancelled or reversed. They have just stolen my money and I never even got to play a single hand. I am surprised that Dnegs and WSOP have signed with this disgraceful organization.

    ACR had an update on Friday and shut down the site for a couple of hours. Right before the update, I logged off because of fear of losing my money in the middle of a hand that has happened before. So this time, I quit my Blitz tables and the lobby still showed me playing and the money never got credited to my account. I was playing two tables and when I e-mailed support and gave them the HH of my last hand from each table to show my table balance, they screwed me over like always and only refunded me one of them but not the other. They tried to tell me that I received the amount but that was 3 hours earlier but a similar $ amount. They can obviously tell time so I know this isn't by accident and I don't understand why these sites would want to steal from their players which is certainly going to result in lower traffic.

    Both of these cases I thought they would make it right because I didn't just make a claim without providing evidence to back up my claim. I'm really surprised that even when given everything they would possibly need to see what happened and to make a decision. They just choose to steal instead. How WSOP has their name with GG is amazing to me.

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    This site has a house atty how much money did you lose? Maybe can help you

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    Quote Originally Posted by FRANKRIZZO View Post
    This site has a house atty how much money did you lose? Maybe can help you

    What is an atty?

    GGPoker = $300
    I am still going back and forth with their support and I'm not sure if they are really really dumb or trying to be awful on purpose in hopes that I go away.

    ACR = $70
    Their response on Monday at 11pm:

    "Thank you so much for contacting us.

    Please know that we are just going in circles with this conversation.

    We have already provided you with the requested information and we can see that no other money is stuck or missing from your account.

    We will no longer address this situation."

    Then Tuesday morning they suspended my account. The last time that I e-mailed them because right before an update. I was playing a game of Blitz and I was in the BB, called a raise and bet the flop and then the cards and the other players literally disappeared. It wasn't even time for the update yet. After everything vanished, there was a popup "waiting for other players to join the game" and then after 5 seconds or so went back to normal. The HH never got recorded and I had no proof to show I never got the money back and in the financial history it wasn't there either. I would have to have been streaming or recording my session to prove anything. That time they also didn't return the money and then also immediately suspended my account.
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