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Thread: No more masks required in Nevada casinos -- at least not by law

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    No more masks required in Nevada casinos -- at least not by law!/x/status/1392933192483545089

    Las Vegas Sun article:

    Casinos and other businesses can still require masks if they want, but they no longer have to.

    There is now a much higher chance that a mask will not be required for the 2021 WSOP.

      shoeshine box: At Stations all Employee's wore Masks today...

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    Many Customers at Stations in Mask's today...50/50

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    Just got back from a week trip. Stayed at Ceasars and Bellagio.
    Wife and I both vaccinated so we didn't wear masks all week other then entering local restaurants when they had a sign on the door saying so.
    A few of the forum shops stores had mask requirements, also most steakhouses and the buffet at Ceasars required a reservation to get in.
    It was enjoyable and mostly like before Covid.

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    This is the best news! The fucking pandemic is finally over. Most of the New Hampshire poker rooms do not require a mask anymore either. I played for hours and hours with no mask and no fear earlier tonight and won $400 for my troubles. I only got the vaccination to shut up my family and because Druff called me stupid for not wanting to take it. I truly hope people begin to chill the fuck out with this shit. I still see young kids walking alone down the street with a mask. And to all these so called public health experts wanting to extend these mandates indefinitely fuck off forever! IT IS OVER!

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    Atlantic City is no longer requiring masks for the guests. I visited both the Borgata and Caesers today. No more temperature checks in the front. Some guests still wear masks. In general, I see masks being worn much more casually (Not covering the nose or being taken on & off).

    The staff at both properties all seem to still have masks on. Talking with the sportsbook manager today, it seems as if the masks will come off soon for vaccinated employees. Employees will still have the option to wear masks for the time being if they do wish, regardless of vaccinations.

    Most of the plexiglass has been removed from the pit games. The Borgata poker room still has the glass up. I believe Harrah’s poker room has taken down the plexiglass. The Starbucks at the Borgata now how’s the full bar open with milk, sugar, Splenda etc.

    Things seem to well be on there way over here.

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    Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida is now "Mask Optional". Plus they removed the plexiglass dividers between the machines in the High Limit Slot room, and turned back on all of the machines. (They previously had turned on every other or every third machine in a bank of machines). The staff still mostly wears masks, especially the slot attendants who have to do the hand payouts. But the hosts and floor managers were mostly sans mask.

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