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Thread: Honda Or Toyota

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    I don’t know how I missed the story about your accident.

    You don’t sound angry. That impresses me a lot. You also seem resigned to how “random shit happens”. Both these seem like really healthy attitudes.

    Central to my life approach is an attempt to appreciate the element of luck and fortune which is beyond your control. One appreciates the good things more and perhaps find peace with the bad.

    I’m still not that sure I wouldn’t be pissed off at fate if I had a similar accident. I hope I’m not tested. You impress me in this regard. You repeated write about how it still feels surreal... so interesting.

    Hope the house brings you a lot of joy. Good luck.

    Don’t ever suggest someone buy a domestic vehicle with their own money.

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    Sanlmar thank you very much

    You know honestly, much of it even to me doesnt make total sense in some ways. And mostly, when I really think about it, I dont know why I didn't just die that night honestly. I'm not that special, and to be taken care of how amazingly I have been now and am its hard to understand sometimes. And the night I got hit I didnt even have health insurance, I was nothing. And we live in the best Country in the world and so they save me, took care of me, still do. And so sometimes I dont understand some of it now. And Im actually not a hateful or angry person at all. Yes I will stand up for myself, and am not afraid of a fight I guess. And historically ive been in some of those, also having been in the army and was trained to some extent. Im just not overly moved by some things maybe like that. Or wealth and money even honestly.

    Im not actually one who cares much about how much money one has, or fancy a life they live. I really did grow up right in the middle of a real High Society in Rumson New Jersey. One Square mile super Elitist town on the Jersey shore and, honestly one of my best friends growing up was an on-air news personality's nephew (his moms brother) and you all know him, he's a big one. And so at 18 my best friend became his Uncles Executive Assistant. One of the biggest on-air News guys in Media. This was just how it was where I grew up honestly. Normal to me or so I thought. Real wealth real money I grew up in it. So im not at all whatsoever moved by it. There, you really are neighbor's (1Sq. Mile Town) with Richie Sambora/Heather Locklear, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and lots more. The Mulherens who, you might know Bear Hunter Stearns which was started by Ivan Bosky/John Mulhern and maybe Michael Milkin. But went to high school with Mr. Mulherens kids and still am friends with them. I know all of the Mulherens and to this day we still are friends of course. We are talking about a guy who actually started Bear Hunter Stearns, yeah sold the Junk Bonds but Rumson where im from is absurd honestly.

    So I guess im just not someone who is at all, impressed with money. And honestly for me and maybe because of that ive never been one who was impressed with a nice car, or even a Bentley say. Or fancy house, everyone I knew came from that growing up. So to me im just immune to it, and so sometimes before all of this I didnt care. I though I knew more then you, or them and in my mind, I lold and was always right. And now this obviously, and because of it, it has actually completely now fundamentally changed me now. And of course physically to in a way. I'm told as I get older and my body grow's into some of the metal now permanently in these highly Mobile parts of my body, like Pelvic Bone, Shoulder, I know as i get older its not going to be ideal always. I dont worry about that today and now at all. I guess I live in the moment and for today now, and probably am living more in the next 3-5 or maybe 8 years in my mind. I know as I get older with metal in some parts of mobile parts now, as my body and bones grow ill have more aches pains. But honestly, im not a weak guy so its not something im overly worrying about today either.

    Wow this was longer then I ever expected to write and sorry lol but you never were mean here either so here you go lol. There is some things I worry about now, and I fear that me, or my life will just end up back where I was 2 and more years ago now. That scares me and also some of other stuff, and so when I say surreal some of it actually is. And I did have a bad TBI and I guess I was only out4 or so weeks my mom said then the first couple i wasn't really clear headed so I say 5 weeks but it was about a month and a half until I was clearheaded enough to understand everything more completely. And now obviously a lot is different.

    And honestly while yes I was raised Catholic and in church went to CCD even made my confirmation, I never actually believed more then that's what I thought that's what all of our parents made us do. And now after all of this honestly part of me doesn't understand why I didn't just die that night. And i'd never know either. I would have just never woke up ever again and why I did, I dont know. I'm not that special and so I do feel really blessed now. Like I need to be so much more grateful appreciative of even the Little thing's in life now, which I was not my first 40 years.

    Sanlmar sorry this was so long, but you've been nice here I hope you dont mind the novel here =)...

      FRANKRIZZO: all the best with the house
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    I bought a new Camry in 2014. Since then its traveled 205,000 miles through 7 New England winters. Cost to maintain has been next to nothing. It still looks runs and drives just like it did new. I'm sure you cannot go wrong with a Honda too. If you want a car to last a long time with the fewest issues either of these 2 are excellent choices.

      garrett: agree Toyota Camry' a great car drove the hybrid and highly recommend one obv..

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    I like the Camry

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    Going with the Rava 4 , maybe wife will let me borrow it. Picking it up Saturday. Other car is Subaru Outback which is mine. Probably donating the honda 2003 civic. Low miles but its a shift would have to pour too much money in it , falling apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrett View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by FRANKRIZZO View Post

    Yeah, I don't want to have an electric car. Hey I never realized you had such expensive medical bills, you mentioned 800k? Are you still going for treatments? How is your house project going?
    And yeah since you asked, and over time you haven't ever been one to be mean or troll me on this site so I don't mind answering you honestly since you asked. I had over 880k in hospital bills actually, could have been 1M + but my lawyer, the hospital and other things worked it out. And a large amount, by law came out of my settlement of course. Yeah I still am going through post op stuff of course, but it is winding down now some. I got hit last January 27th and didnt wake up for 5 weeks, and so to me the whole thing is kinda of surreal. And I dont remember getting hit it was at 9oclock at night, and she was leaving her condo complex and i was walking across the exit and she ran me over. I didnt even realize for I guess a month and a half, and actually it was told to me by my nurses actually what happened, and the extent of my surgeries and all then. But oddly honestly, I was brought back too when most the acute trauma and pain was actually kinda behind me some.

    The whole thing to me honestly still some of it doesn't make sense. And now my life, and me is just different. I had my pelvic bone permanently pinned together now, my right shoulder and arm are held together by metal now. My right arm wasn't attaching to my shoulder, so two surgery's later yeah that is right now. But its been kinda major surgery after major surgery until this past November and after each of course comes with post op stuff, and all that. So now, I do se a therapist once a week and my main surgeon has now PRN'd me so if I need him he is still my Dr. But I am at a point now, im moving forward now. But physically ill never be that guy i was before this honestly and while thats not fun to think about I guess. It is what it is.

    And actually honestly, you woudlnt ever know any of this happened by looking at me, I look like I always did, walk fine. but you would of course know if you saw the xrays of my shoulder, pevlic bone, my ACL/MCL were the last to be done. So collectively there was a lot of Medical stuff and of course bills. But honestly this whole thing to me is still weird, and I dont even understand it all completely myself honestly. I was nothing, and I didnt care in life before all this, not that I didnt care but I was so arrogant and immune or numb to things. That I guess, I just didnt care, in my mind i was always right.

    And then this happened and now I do have a real appreciation for life now, and I didnt before all of this. And so from the worst thing to happen to me, I have become a better persona nd in a better place, so its also surreal to me in some ways. So I dont know, even I dont fully understand this whole thing myself. But you asked and thats as honest as I can be, and if you want to know anything else just ask, you've always been nice here to me I so I dont mind answering what youd like to know.
    Dude, just think... You are over 1/7th of the way to being a “Six Million Dollar” man.

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