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Thread: Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, Billionaire

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    Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, Billionaire

    Not overly surprising but he is now Billionaire Buterin..

      FRANKRIZZO: good thread

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    Just think... If TineGod, who surely has the skillset to have done likewise back then, had started such a company instead of being such a naysayer of cryptocurrency, he would be able to donate massive sums to PFA for epic-payoff freerolls using billionaire-level pocket change, putting even legendary freeroll donators like cmoney and Ben Smoken to shame.


      garrett: lmao so true, and withhim honestly I think he is so delusional he actually thinks that he is, really wayyy brighter than everyone else. Just LOL, good one Mumbles I lold
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    Pretty sick that he co-created Ethereum at age 19.

      garrett: Yep and he was a recipient of the two year Thiel Fellowship, tech billionaire Peter Thiel's project that awards $100,000 to 20 promising innovators under 20..
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