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Thread: ***Official Zed Run Thread***

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    ***Official Zed Run Thread***

    I still buy packs but I'm otherwise over TopShot. Next up ZED RUN (The Next Fucking Thing)

    Anyone else racing?

    Here's my horse, Toasted. He ain't much but he's mine.

    If anyone is interested, i'll post some resources to get you started (or at least get an idea what it's all about)
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    Hi Lew!!!

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    Zed Run Resources:

    Starting Point:

    Racehorse DNA:


    Racing Classes:


    How Breeding Effects Coat Color:

    If you're into Zed Run you also really should join their discord. If you have any questions that you can't otherwise find, @jayzedrun is their community manager and is really helpful. He can even hook you up with a seller for your first horse.
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    if you'd like to see Toasted over achieve but end up short he's racing in 6 and a half minutes
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    this is literally what he does every time, so frustrating

    but he's almost always going against more expensive horses

    He just doesn't have that kick at the end

    If he could find a date with a good female finisher I think we'd have something
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    I'll have to look at this later.

    I'm kinda over Top Shot also. I think it already jumped the shark.

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    If anyone would like an inexpensive starter horse, Toasted is on the block. He'll always be my first but I'm looking to upgrade to an unraced Z15'ish or so

    edit: btw if you're interested in buying Toasted let me know and we can avoid a bunch of fees by doing it off site

      garrett: building the ecosystem Rep...
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    put him in a level up (class IV) because it was a freeroll

    had a horse-length lead about 75% through the race but he succumbed to horses 20x his value

    he has so much heart, he seems to always play to his competition - doesn't matter who you put him in against he'll always give you a sweat

    i think 2200m is his length tho, just have to put him in more of those in Class V
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    if anyone as a good filly or a mare i'd be open to some type of negotiation to acquire his offspring when breeding starts again

    i feel like his offspring could be a real sleeper with the right baby momma
    Hi Lew!!!

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    put Toasted in a class V freeroll

    thought he might win

    because he set the pace like always does but instead he got second

    it can take a lot of experimentation to find the best +EV spot within the Zed Run algo for your horse

    Toasted seems to do well in the super short and long races while being competitive but ultimately not profitable in the middle

    Name:  Toasted.PNG
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      garrett: Prob a Sprinter, put him on the inside grass short track and he should be fire heh.....
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    Hi Lew!!!

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    Toasted ran for me while I was sleeping and it was a photo finish
    Hi Lew!!!

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    how much are these horses going for ?

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    I got mine for about $150 after fees. Iím probably going to buy another around $250-$300

    You can still get in on the ground floor

    you can buy a horse now on opensea or wait and try to get lucky on the next drop, which should be soon
    Hi Lew!!!

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    Toasted with two more 2nd places today - we've def cracked the zed algo

    his success has skyrocketed since i've put him in 1000m & 1200m races exclusively
    Hi Lew!!!

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    Any updates Willie? Found this thread to be an interesting follow.

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    sounds like this game is getting much more traction looked at buying a horse when willie made this thread but there was nothing available on the website

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    should be able to buy and sell horses on the site shit you have to go thru a 3rd party other than that looks like a fun game

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    not many details yet about the drop but expected prices should be close to this:!/x/status/1389590425246203907

    you need to first create a metamask account and register a stable on ZR

    then you need to deposit some ETH and convert it into WETH

    good rundown of that process here:

    if you got it like that try to get a z1 or z2 naka, if not load up on as many buterins as you can get

    some of the best race horses are z10 or higher

    if you find any of this helpful and would like to contribute to my z10 fund my eth address is below (at least it's not for butt sex in the staircase of a motel)


    god speed all

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    also be sure to check out the links in my second post

    should get you up to speed

    and try to get a female horse (filly), if you read the links you'll understand why

    if you can get a filly AND a colt, even better

    some of you may have got in top shot at the top top, but it's still early in ZR

    if you are able to snag a genesis horse on friday, expect 5-10x returns MINIMUM

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    Quote Originally Posted by JACKDANIELS View Post
    sounds like this game is getting much more traction looked at buying a horse when willie made this thread but there was nothing available on the website
    you can buy anytime on opensea, but your best bet is the drop friday

    previous drops required eth which involved huge gas fees - they have said this drop horses are priced in weth, which eliminates the gas fees except for when you wrap eth

    more details to come

    DM me if you have any questions

    it would be cool if some other PFA members had horses and we could breed them together and save some $

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    Hi Lew!!!

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    I think I'm going to give this a shot

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