Drexel does his own solo show for a few hours after Druff has to cut out early from the Druff, Drexel, and Vwls show. He talks about his recent trip to California, including craziness the went on at Venice beach and his experience at Disneyland for the first time. Slim T called in to say he enjoyed the show. After some back and forth, both decided to move past all the drama and let it go. Jasep came on and talked about 22Q. Jasep, Drexel, onestep, Beebs9Dizzle, Sonatine, and Lewfather, called a sex store in Vegas and had a very candid interview with an employee named Jade. She revealed some of her sexual exploits and talked about the sex toy industry.

MP3 file: http://pokerfraudalert.com/radio/drexel-08-28-20-49-22.mp3