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Thread: SoRare - NBA Top Shot meets daily fantasy sports (Soccer)

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    SoRare - NBA Top Shot meets daily fantasy sports (Soccer)

    if anyone who is following NFTs and isnt put off by NBA Top Shot shitting the bed should give this soccer based NFT game a try

    thats my referal code gets us both a bonus card if you decide to buy 5 players from the auction

    just started playing a week ago i think the potential of this game is massive, combines the collectable aspect of top shot with daily fantasy sports

    every game week there are multiple leagues to enter and if you score well you can win more cards and etherium too

    unlike NBA top shot its super easy to cash out instantly to coinbase or a few other wallet options and all cards for each player are limited to 110 each season so cards should hold their value way better than top shot

    got some big investors onboard too last week just announced a 50m investment

    In an emailed announcement Thursday, Sorare said the funding round was led by venture capital firm Benchmark, which backs Twitter, Uber and Snap.

    also have some big name soccer players invested too if you love the concept of top shot and want to try something different where you can actually get your money off the site should give this a look
    any questions fire away ive only been playing a week but the game has got me to buy crypto for the first time ever and put 6k on the site so i definitely think they have got something here that could be massive
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    How likely do you think this is to blow up?

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    long term i think this site is a lock to blow up, soccer is the most popular sport in the world, they already have a bunch of the worlds biggest clubs on board and are constantly adding more

    they have investment in the company from benchmark, gaming company ubisoft and big name soccer players like antoine griezman and gerrard pique

    english premier league fantasy football gets 7 million players every year so potential audience for this is huge and this had still had zero paid advertising and hardly any exposure in the mainstream media

    short term it's harder to predict as there had been a massive influx of new players in the past week and thats obv had an effect on prices they have rocketed like 10x since december / january

    people are pumping up the prices in auction on the cheapest cards just to get the bonus one after you buy 5 hoping to pull a top level rare card

    buying 5 cards for like 80-100 each and hoping to get card worth a few k
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    unlike nba top shot there are no packs sold in this game, this has pros and cons obv

    could be a pro or a con depending how you look at it but takes away the gambling element which many people like, gambling is fun who new lol

    here the cards are first made available direct from sorare in the new signings market and are then auctioned off to the players.

    auctions go on 24/7 so you can really pick up some bargains here if you know what to look for anyone with a score of 50+ over last 5 games is useful in the fantasy game

    if you want to sell the card thats via the transfer market and they are sold direct to players, when buying from other players its worth making an offer on the card rather than hitting buy now as can usually pickup card for less

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    definitely money to be made here for anyone who is half decent at fantasy sports or likes trading cards

    bought a card 3 days ago for $1100 and sold today for $1700

    also got my free referral bonus card got a decent goalkeeper and sold it on for another $550

    for sure it helps if you know a bit about soccer but i dont think its necessary if you just take a bit of time to see whats going on in the market am sure you can find value

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    managed to flip another card i bought for $1200 a couple days ago for $2200

    my first game week in the fantasy football ends tomorrow all my players havent played yet but i like my team and hopefully will place high enough to get a card reward

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    figured id give this an update, ended up buying a bunch of cards all from the same club, river plate of argentina

    figured with a fantasy football team made up of players all from the same club am just relying on one big for river plate to win something

    had a couple small prize places in past few weeks with cards i sold for 600 total and last weekend river plate won 5-0 i won one division for 500 in eth plus 2 cards worth another 1k ish

    sold one of those cards within a day for 600 and will likely sell the other one soon for another 500 or so

    im torn between buying more cards to play in more leagues or just keeping the money in eth ill probably keep last weekends win in eth and reinvest next time river plate turn someone over

    from the 6k i put in 2 months ago ive cashed out 4k into crypto and got another 3.5-4k in cards on my acct so will definitely stick with this

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