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Thread: Is this beating slots website a scam?

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    Is this beating slots website a scam?

    SlotExpert is charging membership fees of $40 and $1,500 per month to beat slots. Asking for a friend.

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    It could be a scam, but it's more likely a broke or banned slots advantage player, who is using his access to +EV slots to bring in guaranteed money.

    There is such a thing as +EV slots (known as slot hustling). It's very tedious and time consuming. There are certain well known +EV slot plays, such as Ocean Magic and Golden Egypt, but these tend to be low value, as the machines are often low limit, or the +EV plays which come up tend to be low limit.

    There's other much more lucrative, much more short term slot plays, but it takes both expertise and luck to find them. It helps if you're friends with other +EV slot players in the Advantage Play (AP) community, to where you can share info and plays.

    There's also some informal play-selling agreements, where a risk-averse, broke, or banned slot hustler will sell information to well-bankrolled APs. However, it's not a situation like this, where you pay a pre-set amount through a website.

    Anyway, my guess is that this person WILL give you real slot plays, and perhaps some decent/good ones. However, it could also be a scam, or it could be a semi-scam where they give you useful info, but isn't worth nearly what you're paying.

    I would have to know more about the person selling it before commenting further.

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